The Living Promise

Living your brand promise is
key to business success

In today’s post-9/11, post-Enron, Internet-driven, globally-focused society consumer scepticism is at an all-time high. Businesses and their brands are being faced with a crisis of credibility, and traditional brand strategies are no longer enough.

Today’s sustainable brands are those built on corporate integrity: the alignment of a corporation’s values with its actions. How a company “walks the talk” is becoming even more important than how it “talks the talk”. Your brand must be your promise.

The Living Promise process helps articulate your organization’s brand promise, then ensures this promise is communicated consistently to all stakeholders — starting internally with your own employees. Through authentic employee engagement, your promise becomes the mantra or the measure that guides decisions and actions to be consistent with your values and intentions — and helps create your competitive edge.

In short, The Living Promise helps lay a brand foundation that not only differentiates you from your competition, but helps your organization truly live your promise.

The Living Promise process is comprised of three phases:

Creating the promise

  • Customer and other Stakeholder Engagement/Research – brand baseline research
  • 360-degree environmental scan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Internal Drivers (senior management) workshop – analyze corporate vision, mission, values to arrive at a positioning and brand promise

Bringing it to life

  • Brand ID development – the visual embodiment of your values, goals and promise to your customers
  • Includes graphics/logo, tagline, key messages, brand personality
  • Accomplished through guidance of your own creative team or the work of a custom-built Stride team

Living the Promise

  • Internal – employee engagement/alignment with brand promise – implementation plan
  • Internal communications plan
  • External communications plan
  • Measurement – tracking brand metrics

Regular assessments of results and internal changes ensure your behaviour and values remain aligned to your brand promise.

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