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Engaging external stakeholders

We also provide a full complement of external communications services, taking into account the varying and sometimes — conflicting interests, goals and expectations of outside stakeholders. Services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement programs
  • Branding and external promotion of sustainability and CSR
  • Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility reports using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
  • Looking for strategic sustainability communications? We can help.

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“If achieving human harmony and common purpose is a precondition for survival, then brands are going to have a very big part to play. Brands frame our understanding of the world. Brands are simply ideas with names on. They carry information and context and purpose from one person to the next. Brands drive relationships; relationships liberate knowledge; knowledge generates insight; insight drives innovation; innovation drives transactions; transactions create value, which reframes the brand and so on, and on, ad finitum humanensis…

If knowledge is to be turned into insight and thence into smarter decisions, then responsible brands must be there to guide and inspire us. To save the ecosystem we must first salvage our ethosystem – with purposeful brands at its centre.”

Source: Ted Kitchin, “Brand Sustainability: What is to be done?” in Beyond Branding: How the new values of transparency and integrity are changing the world of brands, Nicholas Ind, editor, 2003.