Sustainability Introduction

Creating Sustainable Value

Whether you are a business, a community or not-for-profit organization you’re driven to create long-term, sustainable value for your organization and your stakeholders. This is tougher than ever in today’s economic climate. Business as usual just doesn’t work any more!

Sustainability is the new business paradigm for success in this new, rapidly-changing world.

Leading organizations are realizing that to create sustainable value we must start with an understanding that we are all interconnected: with each other, humanity and the natural world around us. Opportunities abound to create a more positive impact on our stakeholders, society and the environment and generate greater success as a result. It requires shifting our focus from short-term economic returns to encompass broader environmental and social considerations as well.

Sustainability creates a competitive edge

Sustainability is a lens that illuminates opportunities to deliver on your organization’s priorities – opportunities that often go unnoticed in the daily course of events. Some of these opportunities are:

  • Cost savings through eco-efficiencies
  • Revenue generation from innovation – new products, new processes
  • Improved employee morale, reduced hiring and retention costs
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved public image
  • Stronger brands
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved human health
  • Social innovation
  • Better quality of life

In the end, it’s about creating greater sustainable value for your company, community or other organization while contributing to a better world.

How can EcoStride Group help?

EcoStride Group functions as a guide for organizations like yours on the journey to greater sustainability. Through education, strategy and communications we focus on processes to lead organizational change by harnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of your people.

Education: Our custom-designed educational seminars and workshops help people at all levels of the organization better understand the scope of sustainability and its relevance to your organization. This allows you to create a common language around sustainability.

Strategy: Through our Eco Champion planning process we help you create a sustainability strategy and action plan that leads to measureable results while building a culture of sustainability.

Communications: Then, through internal and external communications consulting we help ensure you engage your employees and other stakeholders and reap even better results from your good work.

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